September 2nd, 2014


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I spent Labor Day at an even hotter, muggier Renfaire than I did on Sunday, though again it was great -- this time I was at the Maryland Renaissance Festival with Daniel, Paul, Cheryl, and Annmarie. It was partially overcast but even when the sun was hidden, it was by far the hottest, muggiest day of the entire summer, despite being the beginning of September.

We went to see Whips and Knives, the duo that includes Don Juan's daughter Esmeralda, er, Dakota, plus Shakespeare's Skum (Henry V and Antony and Cleopatra), the Dueling Fools, Johnny Fox, Fight School, and several musicians, though we never managed to see the king. The faire did not want to let me bring my new big plastic sword cup but I persuaded them.

When eventually we all had to go our separate ways as some evening rain arrived, we took Daniel back to College Park and had dinner at IHOP, took him food shopping, met his new roommate, then came home and caught up on Dallas and Masters of Sex. Here are just a couple of people pictures until I catch up on laundry etc...more soon!

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