September 18th, 2014


Poem for Thursday and Terps on Campus

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It has been a chores and work day. I have nothing exciting to report apart from the fact that Daniel's middle school geometry teacher won a million dollars (yes literally) on Wheel of Fortune! There was much ongoing local rejoicing about baseball post-season, and gorgeous cool weather that has brought the chipmunks back in force, though I only saw two bunnies and the deer family was off somewhere.

Our Comcast went down in the late afternoon, both internet and television, and at first the web site said it wouldn't be back till 10 p.m., but some screaming and calling and tweeting at them got it back just as The Roosevelts started. Again I wanted more quotes, less narration -- how does Burns know that Teddy Jr. never forgave Franklin and Eleanor? -- but am still enjoying it. Some Maryland Terrapins:

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