October 12th, 2014


Poem for Sunday and Countryside Artisans

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It was a drizzly and rather chilly Saturday morning, but by noon the rain had stopped and it was turning into a lovely fall day. So we went on the Countryside Artisans fall tour, starting as we often do at Art of Fire, whose stock was sparse because much of the glass is on sale now at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Then we went to two pottery studios, Something Earthy, where we got a sea turtle sponge holder, and Niswander, where we got a garden toad, and finished at Dancing Leaf Farm, where in addition to the gorgeous yarn there was some gorgeous jewelry on sale!

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On the way home we stopped to have a drink with my friend Louise, who is in town for our high school reunion, which took place tonight. None of my very best friends from high school -- either the local ones or the ones from out of town -- were going, so I chickened out as well, but it was wonderful to see her! Hopefully when she is next in the area for work, we can go do something cultural or enjoy the local scenery. The hotel bar had the great tragedy of the Orioles game on television; we got to see the end when we got home, and even this week's mediocre Doctor Who was less painful!