October 15th, 2014

little review

Poem for Wednesday and Three Lakes Park

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I had a very nice Tuesday -- chores in the morning, then lunch at Nordstrom Cafe with my friend Ellen, several hours of discussing mostly family and school stuff -- our older sons were in a baby group together, our younger children graduated from high school together -- with visits from my mother and her friend Margie, who also happened to be in the mall, and Anu, the mother of another of our younger childrens' classmates who was shopping when we left the cafe. I did no actual shopping in the mall!

It was a good TV night -- The Flash remains entertaining if quite retro, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. did my absolute favorite episode with lots and lots of May and some lovely Coulson moments, and I absolutely adore Forever which makes me so sad that it's highly unlikely to get picked up, while the annoying Gotham just got a full season. And by trying not to jinx the Orioles by watching, I spared myself the horror of watching them lose. From Three Lakes Park in Richmond:

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