November 9th, 2014


Poem for Sunday and Amish Market

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We spent a pleasant, fairly low-key day in Hanover with Paul's parents, whom we last saw under fairly stressful circumstances after Molly's funeral, so it was nice to spend time doing happy things. We brought Daniel and went to lunch at the Amish Market, where we actually spent quite a bit of time not only eating artisan pizza (I had squash, mozzarella, walnuts, and raisins on mine) but looking at crafts and tasting locally made cheese and jams, plus wine (below see Gettysburg Winery's Tears of Gettysburg and Rebel Red, sold as a pair in Civil War packaging), plus we stopped at the Utz Factory store on the way back because holiday cheese balls and chocolate pretzels have arrived!

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We also spent some time helping my in-laws get onto Facebook, since most of their extended family uses it now and they want to read the posts, and we also showed them how to scan photos in case they want to post any of those. When we left -- sadly after dark, since Hanover and Gettysburg have gorgeous leaves including a lot of red maple -- we came home for a light dinner after our big lunch before the season finale of Doctor Who, which left me with my jaw open and not in a good way (certainly not in the sobbing way it seems the writers were hoping for, though there were definitely gratuitous deaths). Graham Norton was less cracky even with Lena Dunham's nutty personal stories!