November 12th, 2014

green little review

Poem for Wednesday and Arboretum Bonsai

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My Tuesday was no more exciting than my Monday, very routine except for exceptionally lovely November weather that got into the high 60s -- the bunnies enjoyed it, the chipmunks enjoyed it, the crickets enjoyed it and were singing after dark, which made me so fact, I think everyone enjoyed it but my cats, because the squirrels and birds were enjoying it all over our deck, and the cats couldn't get them. Other than chores, I spent most of my day working on our family's 2015 calendar (theme: Outer Banks trip), since Shutterfly was not only having a 40% off sale but offered an extra 20% today with free shipping and I wanted to get the order in by midnight.

We watched the beginning of the Concert for Valor but stopped to watch Agents of SHIELD, which had terrible dialogue and way too few women besides Special Snowflake Skye, and I was already frustrated because I had been really tempted to watch Supernatural's 200th episode, a.k.a. "Fan Fiction," because I have never seen a musical episode that I have not loved, whether it was Buffy's spectacular "Once More With Feeling" or Xena's less spectacular "The Bitter Suite." Then we watched Forever which I am so glad has been picked up for the entire season, and which had Jane Seymour, even if the BDSM storyline had its flaws. National Arboretum autumn bonsai:

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