November 13th, 2014

get critical

Poem for Thursday and Maryland Penguins

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I did a lot of running around on Wednesday, but it was a good day. Paul worked from home so he could start early and take part in an online company meeting. I did work in the morning, then met my friend Linda, whom I have known since elementary school -- the one whose family throws the Super Bowl party we go to every year -- for lunch at Ted's 355 Diner. We both had eggs and hash browns and talked about our college freshmen (hers is at Georgetown), our pets, visiting our extended families, and making photo books from our travels.

Then I came home, folded laundry, and went with Paul to pick up older son in College Park because he's flying to Madison for a job interview on Thursday despite being very busy with classes. We stopped at the mall to pick up his suit, which was being altered, then we came home for dinner, Nature's beavers episode, The 100 (whose women continue to be awesome), and Nashville (whose women continue to make dumb decisions). From the adopters-only opening of Penguin Coast at the Maryland Zoo this summer, happy penguins in their big new home:

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