November 15th, 2014


Poem for Saturday and Autumn in Staunton

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It was chilly but beautiful out on Friday -- sunny, still plenty of leaves, so it still feels like autumn despite the snow flurries we saw Thursday. I spent the morning working on a review of Deep Space Nine's "The Siege of AR-558 and the afternoon walking around the neighborhood enjoying the colors and talking to the deer (yes, my neighbors do think I'm crazy). Here are some autumn churchyard pics from Staunton a couple of weekends ago:

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We had dinner with my parents at their house, then came home and watched Page Eight, the prequel to Turks & Caicos, which we both really liked, since the end of the Worricker trilogy, Salting The Battlefield, is on Sunday. I loved the first one, too -- no Helena Bonham Carter, but Rachel Weisz and Judy Davis make up for that, and I love that the focus is on great dialogue and quiet political menace rather than major violence like so many recent spy movies.