December 13th, 2014


Poem for Saturday and Penguin Coast

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I had a whole bunch of work to get done on Friday. I needed to write a review of Deep Space Nine's "Prodigal Daughter", which required that I finish watching the episode, since I got interrupted last night with various family phone calls, and I had a bunch of chores I blew off on Thursday that are still only half-done. We had pretty, chilly weather, meaning cats who wanted to sit on me (or on the heating vent) and "help" the whole time.

In the late afternoon, we picked up my parents, then went to College Park and picked up my kids so we could drive to Silver Spring for dinner at Eggspectation (I had eggs benedict with feta and potatoes, like I always do there because their hollandaise is exceptional). I actually get to see my kids two days in a row because tomorrow we're taking them to see their other grandparents in Brunswick. From the Maryland Zoo Penguin Coast opening:

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