December 19th, 2014

get critical

Poem for Friday and Brandywine Museum Critters

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It was another day of very small triumphs of which I am disproportionately proud! All of my holiday packages and most of my holiday cards are in the mail! And I was only at the post office for about an hour! Plus I survived a trip to the bank branch across from the mall, despite the parking lot being full for the first time in my visits over the past many decades!

In other words, I have nothing much interesting to report. Well, I did go to World Market to get a couple of family Chanukah presents, where I saw a deck of Wonder Woman playing cards that I nobly left on the shelf, then discovered that I couldn't use my $10-off-$30 coupon because I had less than $30 in my basket and figured that was a sign from above to get the cards.

We caught up on The 100 since we forgot all about it doing other things on Wednesday (as with the early HP movies, I feel vaguely guilty in that the grownups interest me so much more than the teens), and we watched Elementary, which I thought was really good this week, not something I've felt all seasons. Brandywine River Museum holiday nature critters:

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