December 31st, 2014


Poem for Wednesday, Mount Vernon, Seneca Creek Lights, Terps

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Daniel and I have both apparently caught my father's cold, but it was gorgeous out and we didn't feel like staying in the house, so we went to Mount Vernon to see the holiday festivities. The Christmas camel is making his annual visit, the decorated trees are all around the visitor center, and the top floor of the mansion -- which is only accessible to visitors in the winter -- was open. It wasn't very crowded and the sheep and pigs were out, plus a huge flock of Canada geese down by the Potomac River, so it was a nice afternoon.

Adam's friend's surgery has been rescheduled for tomorrow, so we still have no news about him, but in my distraction being upset about that, I forgot to mention that Adam got three As and three A+s during his first semester at college, while Daniel (who has accepted a job for next year but doesn't want me to say where yet) got an A+ in the OS class that has made him crazy all semester. Huzzah! In the evening we went to see the holiday lights at Seneca Creek State Park, and now we are watching the Terps play Stanford in the Foster Farms Bowl.

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