January 3rd, 2015


Poem for Saturday and Mount Vernon Winter

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I spent most of Friday doing stuff with my kids and working on a review of Deep Space Nine's "Field of Fire", which was...well, possibly even worse than I had remembered, since I keep remembering thinking the show's final season was nearly perfect and had sort of blocked out the mediocre episodes in favor of the brilliant ones. Younger son went to film movies with the friends from high school and college with whom he has made shorts before, and older son and I went driving together to pick him up afterward.

We had dinner with my parents, with whom we will be visiting Paul's parents on Saturday for a belated Christmas dinner since they were in Los Angeles on Christmas Day. (My father had rented The Interview and warned us that it wasn't worth watching.) We are both unexpectedly pleased at Ohio State having won a bowl game, since it was Alabama they beat (and less embarrassing for Maryland if they end up having lost to the national champion)! Some photos from Mount Vernon this week:

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