January 4th, 2015


Poem for Sunday and Hanover Holidays

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I've posted that poem before but it felt appropriate because we celebrated Christmas on Saturday despite it being several days into January (and not even Epiphany). Paul's parents were in Los Angeles for the holiday, visiting David and his kids, still reeling from the loss of Molly not very many weeks ago. So since we usually have Christmas dinner with them, we postponed it until after New Year's Day. We drove my parents up and spent a very nice afternoon eating and exchanging presents, plus watching the Maryland men beat Minnesota at basketball and making music with wine glasses.

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We drove home just after dark, dropped my parents off at home, sent Adam off to a party with his girlfriend, then watched the Ravens-Steelers game. Pittsburgh was favored since they were at home and beat Baltimore there not very many weeks ago, but with the Steelers' running back out and the Ravens rising to the occasion, it was a very enjoyable game for me! The weather has been rainy and chilly all day but we managed to miss snow and ice while driving, so I can't complain, though what we do on Sunday depends on the weather so we're not sure yet what we're doing -- probably going downtown -- before evening!