January 5th, 2015

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Poem for Monday, National Gallery, Galavant

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My stupid cold has now settled in my throat and given me laryngitis, but before that I spent a nice afternoon downtown with Paul and Cheryl. We went to the National Gallery of Art primarily to see the El Greco exhibit and movie and Degas' Little Dancer Aged Fourteen. Then we went to a fannish New Year party, where we saw a bunch of DC fans of many years' acquaintance, which was lovely!

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We missed most of the football playoffs (I hear that Detroit was robbed), but we did see the first episode of Galavant, which was delightful in every way -- like Mel Brooks joined Monty Python -- and Downton Abbey, which I can't get all that excited about these days though I love listening to Carson complain. Will have to catch up on Madam Secretary. Must go rest my miserable throat!