January 7th, 2015

get critical

Poem for Wednesday, Snow Day, Agent Carter

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We had a nice calm snow day, though it wasn't nearly as nice or calm for much of the region since the local school boards chose not to believe the weather forecast and didn't decide to close schools until many students and teachers were already en route, thus causing hundreds of car accidents before I was even awake. My father braved his own and our unplowed road to take our kids to lunch, but I stayed in, hoping my cough would go away if I stayed out of the cold. We had new neighbors moving in through the snowstorm.

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I spent my time playing with my Birthday-Chanukah-Christmas present, a Nikon P600 which I bought to replace my much-loved but at this point aging P80 -- sometimes I want something that weighs a lot less than my DSLR but can still zoom and take macro lenses, and this one has lots of awesome features, like vibration reduction and the ability to connect to my phone via wi-fi as a remote control and editor. Adam had a dinner date; the rest of us watched Agent Carter, which we all liked, and Forever, which we already love.