January 8th, 2015

get critical

Poem for Thursday and Lewis Ginter Zoo

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I have reaaaallly had it with coughing. (So, apparently, has Cheryl, whom I or someone else gave the bug -- apologies!) I had another relatively quiet day doing things like hanging up hooks in my closet for scarves and folding laundry while watching Pride on demand (it's excellent -- great cast, funny and touching screenplay, really uplifting story on a horrific news day from Europe).

Adam went for an interview for a possible internship, and we had some kind of awesome pistachio and white bean noodle casserole when he came home, then we all watched Gone Girl, which I did not like -- mostly detestable characters, a streak of really intense misogyny, performances and directing not as riveting as I expected except the awesome NPH. More Lewis Ginter garden lights:

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