January 19th, 2015

green little review

Poem for Monday and Gulf Branch Park

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It was a rainy Sunday. We all slept late except Adam, who was working on accounting studies, and read the paper and caught up on chores. Then we had lunch and went to Gulf Branch Nature Center in Arlington with Daniel driving us. It was muddy but not too wet to walk around the path in the woods, and we saw the owl and squirrels outside, plus the amphibians, reptiles, fish, bees, and historical displays inside.

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Adam went out with friends for dinner and a movie; the rest of us watched the awful Green Bay loss to the Seahawks, then had dinner with my parents while watching the first half of the Patriots-Colts game (I didn't care much who won but wow, that was painful to watch). We came home for the second half, though I spent more time uploading photos than really paying attention. Happy MLK Day everyone!