February 2nd, 2015


Poem for Groundhog Day and Super Bowl

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My Sunday involved the Kitten Bowl, the Puppy Bowl, and the Super Bowl, with a short break driving with older son to Great Falls and a walk out to the island to see the river. We'd had threats of winter weather and indeed we saw a bit of sleet in the afternoon, but then it stopped and the warnings stopped coming, so I figured that was that. We even had sunshine while watching the geese and ducks in the C&O Canal.

I had family rooting for both football teams, but my major interest was in getting to see my friends at the Super Bowl party...and I really enjoyed the Katy Perry concert, sharks and all. My $1 bet was on the Seahawks but I had no strong feelings about whom I wanted to win, though that was a terrible ending and Tom Brady should have thanked whoever called that stupid intercepted pass instead of his own coach! A few pics:

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