February 9th, 2015

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We spent most of Sunday in Richmond at the VMFA, where we had tickets with Cheryl to see The Lion In Winter at their theater, which hadn't had a full theatrical run of a show in more than a decade. The film version is one of my very favorite movies and I am very picky about productions -- I can't stand the Stewart/Close version even though I love both of them, they just don't compare to O'Toole and Hepburn -- so I wasn't sure whether I'd have trouble seeing it live, but David Bridgewater and Melissa Johnston Price and the rest of the cast had great energy and did a wonderful job with the dialogue.

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The cast and director did a talk after the show and took audience questions, which was a lot of fun. We took a walk in the courtyard after the show because the weather was almost ridiculously beautiful, nearly 70 degrees, then we went to Mexico for dinner before coming home just in time for the Grammy Awards. I didn't care who won in many categories so much as I cared that Iggy Azalea lost, so it's fine with me that Sam Smith cleaned up major categories, though I want to know where Tom Petty's Grammy for "Stay With Me" went and I think John Legend's song from Selma is better than any of the Song of the Year nominees!