February 20th, 2015

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Lyrics for Friday and Caitlin Canty Concert

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Quickie because we went out to dinner (California Tortilla was having a cold snap special, everyone who knew the code words got chips and queso for the price of the wind chill -- which was below -9, so everyone got the chips and queso free plus a dime back) and to see Caitlin Canty, with Lynn Hollyfield opening for her, at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn. I had never been there before -- when we lived across Route 28 from Kentlands 20 years ago, it didn't exist -- and it's lovely, coffee shop and gallery downstairs and wonderful performance space upstairs.

The music was fantastic. I've loved Canty since I first heard her; I discovered her via Peter Bradley Adams, whom I discovered in turn via Vienna Teng, with whom he was touring. Adams and Canty perform together as Down Like Silver, and while I love them both separately, together they are exponentially amazing. I wasn't familiar with Hollyfield's music before, so she was a delightful surprise. Plus I got to see some of my friend's sister's artwork on display downstairs -- another surprise! Here's Caitlin and a bit of the artwork -- more tomorrow!

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