March 1st, 2015


Poem for Sunday, NASA Goddard, The Voyage Home

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Paul's father's birthday was last weekend and we had plans to meet him in Ellicott City, but never got there because of the snow in Maryland and Pennsylvania. This weekend, Adam had too much work to leave College Park, meaning that if the whole family was going to be together, it needed to be near campus. So we already had plans to meet my Paul's parents near NASA Goddard before Leonard Nimoy's death made me want to explore strange new worlds all over again. We arrived with Daniel (who discovered a friend from high school who wants to be an astronaut working at the visitors' desk) and looked at the exhibits inside and rockets outside the facility.

Then we went to UMCP, where we picked up Adam and Christine to go to Mamma Lucia for dinner, after which we stopped in the Shoppers Food Warehouse next door to the restaurant to get dessert for Clair and supplies for our kids. We dropped off Adam, who stayed in College Park; Daniel came home with us to watch The Voyage Home and The Final Frontier, which we'd decided with Cheryl we needed to do after the two prequels last night. (Nothing will ever make me not love "not in front of the Klingons" and I don't care how bad the Spock v. Sybok or Kirk v. God plots are!) Here are some photos from Goddard and one from dinner:

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On Sunday we are expecting winter weather again. Sigh.