March 3rd, 2015


Poem for Tuesday and Hillwood Chandeliers

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My Monday started with beautifully iced tree limbs and ended with less beautifully iced sidewalks, which are supposed to be considerably worse on Tuesday morning, according to yet another winter weather advisory currently on my phone. I am not an anti-winter person, I like the seasonal changes, but for the second year in a row, I must say that I have had enough now. It doesn't help me to have the light coming back in the evening if I can't take a walk for fear of slipping on black ice!

As a result, although I did get to see lots of squirrels on my deck begging for food and two deer foraging -- plus Venus and Jupiter -- during a quick swing through the neighborhood, I did not have a great day. I learned that my long-time senator, Barbara Mikulski, is retiring, and I accidentally washed the colored laundry on warm. We caught up on Madam Secretary, which remains delightful. Here are photos of some of the chandeliers at Hillwood, taken a couple of months back:

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