March 27th, 2015

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Poem for Friday and Basilica of Saint Denis

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Except for a few minutes taking a walk in the amazingly gorgeous 70-degree weather to see bunnies and flowers before the rain of the morning returned abruptly while I was admiring my neighbor's daffodils, I spent the entire day working on my Shutterfly book with our France photos. It came in at 43 pages and I didn't even include my very best photo because I had a very similar one that had my kids in it, but I am very pleased with it and pleased that I got it done while my coupon was still good!

And my Google Music Manager is working again! Though I am not sure whether this is because I opened Port 80 and Port 443 or because either Google or Microsoft Firewall updated some setting. Either way, I am glad I can upload "Midnight Confessions" before it gets stuck in my head again. We watched two episodes of "Madam Secretary" which means that we are now halfway caught up, and I believe I am ready to review the penultimate episode of Deep Space Nine tomorrow before bracing myself for the finale.

Here are some photos of the Basilique Royale de Saint-Denis, the Gothic church from the 1100s where most French royals are buried (in whole or in part; some of the graves were ransacked during the Revolution, and monarchs who died during the conflict were buried elsewhere at first). In these photos are statues of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette plus their graves, Charles V and Jeanne de Bourbon, Clovis I and his son Childebert, Francis I and his queen Claude, and the heart of Louis XVII.

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