April 3rd, 2015


Poem for Friday and Château de Brézé

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I spent all day Thursday very close to home catching up on stuff that had been put off since we went to France -- believe it or not, it took me till today to put all my laundry away. The weather was so gorgeous that I had to take a couple of walks, one on the woods path where I was hoping to see deer but ran into utility workers instead, the other in a big loop around the neighborhood to see everyone's daffodils. I also had to rearrange all my decks of playing and Tarot cards to make room for the ones I got in France -- one day I will have a tower room with big stone shelves for them all.

We did not have the Château de Brézé on our list of potential places to visit in the Loire Valley until Kay told me her kids had loved visiting it because it has a subterranean lower level that lets visitors out at the bottom of the deepest dry moat in Europe. It still has a working drawbridge and the oldest parts of the trogloditic fortress date from the 1060s. The upper rooms of the castle aren't as furnished as Chenonceau or Chambord, but the lower levels still have the wine barrels and cooking tools from centuries ago, and you can buy fine Saumur wines from the cellars.

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