April 5th, 2015


Poem for Sunday and Passover Again

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Saturday was a bit cooler than Friday yet still beautiful out, sunny and breezy. We went to Brookside Gardens on the way to pick up Adam and Christine. There's a display of spring blooms in the conservatory and lots of spring flowers outside -- daffodils, snowdrops, periwinkles, hellebores, the first hyacinths -- plus many robins, some Canada geese, and lots of turtles, including a huge snapper in the big pond!

After stopping in College Park, we went to my mom and dad's house for the second Seder, where we met Paul's parents and my parents' friends. The food was wonderful (carrot souffle tonight in addition to faux chicken soup and potato pancakes, plus chocolate roll and chocolate covered macaroons), and Wisconsin beat Kentucky! Now we're watching Life of Brian. Here are few Passover and two garden photos:

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