April 8th, 2015

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Poem for Wednesday and Palace of Versailles

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We had rain forecast for Tuesday, but it only fell very early in the morning and after dark. The rest of the day was gorgeous, and our neighborhood is full of daffodils and forsythia and crocuses and hyacinth, plus whatever those tiny blue flowers are. I took two walks in two different directions to see everyone's gardens, plus I got to see the flowers around my doctor's office when I went for a follow-up test to make sure I'm not anemic and to get a tetanus shot since it's been so many years, grumble. The flowers in front of our house have big buzzing bumblebees in them who make me smile and the cats go crazy.

The Orioles won again, which is nice. I didn't watch the UConn-Notre Dame women play -- I don't like Notre Dame, yet I can't bear to root for the man who's the best paid coach in women's basketball -- so instead I watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which at this point seems to have hundreds of characters of whom I care about maybe one and a half, and Forever, which is my favorite show on network so I am very sad it's going to be canceled in a couple of weeks. Some photos from the insanity that is Versailles, which I found over the top in every way from the golden ceilings to the enormous crowds:

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