April 15th, 2015

get critical

Poem for Wednesday and Hillwood Orchids

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It rained all day Tuesday, which is probably just as well because I had so many things to catch up on. Because I had confused the day, I was wearing sweats and trying to upload photos while editing an essay when my neighbor Cybel came to get me for lunch, but that ended up being a delightful break -- we went to the mall, did a little shopping, and ate in the food court, where the crepe place sadly still isn't open but the mezze place Cava is. The laundry didn't get folded, but it was a lovely afternoon!

Our evening involved The Flash (I keep thinking the Arrow crossovers will make me want to go back to watching Arrow but it's sort of the opposite) and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (glad May got some backstory, not all that impressed with what it turned out to be) followed by the Avengers on Jimmy Kimmel special (thank you cast for being you, you make fandom a pleasure even when Kimmel is being a jerk). Os won, Nats lost. I'm looking for ways to stomach election season. Hillwood orchids this spring:

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