May 3rd, 2015

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Poem for Sunday, Lake Whetstone, Age of Ultron

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I have had a really awesome Saturday! We went to Lake Whetstone in Gaithersburg, where in addition to lots of flowering trees and bushes and red-winged blackbirds and finches, we saw geese with goslings, ducks with ducklings, green and great blue herons, turtles, frogs, and the sheep and llama on the farm behind the lake:

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Then we went to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron with Heather, Sharkie, and several other fans. I loved it, maybe even more than the first -- less disaster porn than I was expecting and more of my favorite characters (plenty of Natasha, Maria, Bruce, and Steve, less Tony snark and no Pepper, heh).

After the movie, we all went to Tara Thai, then we came home and watched Ruffalo, Renner, and Olsen teasing each other on The Graham Norton Show. Now we're watching this week's Outlander, which is extremely women's novelish this week (women talk husbands and babies, men talk ruffians and local politics).