May 16th, 2015


Poem for Saturday, Brookside, Eye of the Needle, Iron Man

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Hiya. I'm watching Iron Man 2, having just watched Iron Man, because I have a Tony Stark problem and believe me no one has lost more respect for me than me. (Actually it's a Bruce Banner problem, but it's all entangled with the Tony Stark problem and WHY IS THERE NO RUFFALO HULK MOVIE YET?) So I don't even know what I'm typing.

My day involved our van windshield getting replaced and a plumbing thing getting rescheduled, and bunnies. Anyway, have a review of Voyager's "Eye of the Needle" which was the most productive thing I got done. And some flowers from Brookside Gardens' winter display, which I realized I should post before I post the spring display!

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