May 18th, 2015

little review

Poem for Monday and Virginia Renaissance

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I spent most of Sunday at the Virginia Renaissance Faire (when I wasn't stuck in traffic on the way to and from the Virginia Renaissance Faire)! Paul and I picked up Annmarie on the way, and met Cheryl and Lin when we got there, at which point we were ravenous so we had crepes before we saw the Mad Mechanicals and some jugglers and did some shopping (the lady who makes peplum skirts was not there this year, but I did get a wire tiara, so all is well with the world except somehow I look too short in these photos):

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Since the traffic on the way home was as bad as on the way there, we stopped in Stafford to have dinner at Carlos O'Kelly's before we dropped Annmarie off at home and returned to feed our starving cats. Since there was nothing on TV but music awards and sports by the time we were settled, we watched Iron Man 3 and NO I DO NOT HAVE A TONY STARK PROBLEM, YOU HAVE A TONY STARK PROBLEM. *coughs* Anyway, the Orioles won for a change, so did the Nats, and that's all the news I heard today!