May 23rd, 2015


Poem for Saturday, Ex Post Facto, UMCP Engineering Commencement

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Another entry long on photos and short on text -- it has been another long but celebratory day! In the morning I posted a review of Star Trek Voyager's "Ex Post Facto" (not really worth reading, not really worth rewatching). Then we retrieved Adam, picked up my parents, and went to College Park, where we gathered up Daniel and his cap and gown and went to a reception for engineering students.

Paul's parents joined us at the engineering school commencement ceremony, which like the main university commencement took place in the Xfinity Center. We went to Mamma Lucia for dinner afterward, took my parents home, and are now discussing Adam's plan to double-major in finance and computer science, which could possibly mean another UMCP engineering school commencement in our future!

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