May 27th, 2015


Greetings from Rehoboth Beach

We are having a very nice last-minute vacation! On Monday night I discovered that my sister, whom I had thought was still out of town for her birthday, was back in New York, so we decided to meet for breakfast on Tuesday morning at a diner near where she lives. We had a nice meal, then my family drove through New Jersey to Delaware, where we are currently staying just off the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, a place I went often in my childhood and several times during my kids' childhoods, though we've gone to the Outer Banks instead for the past several years.

We have been eating Thrasher's fries and Royal Treat ice cream and walking on the beach, though the water's quite cold for swimming -- I suspect this will be a wading-only trip. We also wandered a bit along the boardwalk and Rehoboth Avenue, though I am sad to learn that both Mostly Irish and the Thunderbird Shop have closed! Adam has school friends camping at Cape Henlopen and went to have dinner and s'mores with them while we went looking for ghost crabs, though we suspect we went too early, while the boardwalk was too bright. We'll try tomorrow!

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