June 16th, 2015


Poem for Tuesday and Temple of Doom

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I did not have a vehicle today, since Adam needed the car to get to College Park in the morning and Paul had a dentist appointment after work -- Daniel went to an engineering exhibit with Paul's parents -- so since it was too hot and sticky for me to want to be outside anyway, I mostly stayed in. I am caught up on laundry! And the stovetop is kinda clean! And I have finally linked to all my Deep Space Nine retro reviews from the web page where I've had my original DS9 reviews since AnotherUniverse.com went out of business. I am sure this doesn't excite anyone but me, but here they are.

Adam came home from school sick to his stomach and had a miserable evening crashed on the couch. Since Cheryl was around -- online at least -- we decided to watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, which I'm sorry to report is as bad if not worse than I remembered (I owe Kingdom of the Crystal Skull an apology for having accused it of being just as bad; it's not even close). Kate Capshaw's dress is really the only good thing about her character. Here are some pics from the National Geographic Indiana Jones archaeology exhibit of Temple of Doom props, costumes, and clips:

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Poem for Wednesday and The Last Crusade

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There were rumors that this summer would not be an insanely hot one in this area, based on the changes to the jet stream from global warming, but apparently someone didn't get the message because it was miserable on Tuesday. Adam felt well enough to go to College Park, which is a good thing since he's taking several classes; I stayed in the AC and did work, and Paul worked from home, so we had lunch together. Since it was Bloomsday, we listened to lots of Irish music.

In the late afternoon, we drove to Ellicott City to meet Paul's parents at Thai Aroma for dinner and to retrieve Daniel from them. (I know Adam is recovered because not only did he eat, he also swiped my phone and took pics with it.) Then we came home and watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with Cheryl -- do you sense a theme this week? Prop and costume photos from National Geographic's Indiana Jones exhibit (which does have archaeology, I promise):

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Congratulations to the US women on advancing to the knockout stage of the World Cup! And congratulations to the Blackhawks on winning the Stanley Cup, even though I paid absolutely no attention to the hockey playoffs! But special congratulations to the Nationals, who won 16-4 over the Rays tonight, and especially the Orioles, who beat the Phillies 19-3 after hitting eight home runs, including two each by Manny Machado and new arrival Chris Parmelee!