June 19th, 2015

little review

Poem for Friday, Guardians, Garden & Glass

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My Thursday involved a lot of running around, a big thunderstorm, and tearing my bedroom apart looking for a shirt I love that I can't find anywhere. Daniel and I had dermatologist appointments in the morning, then we went to Kohl's to get him some clothes, to Paul's office to pick him up so we could all go to lunch at Minerva, then to CVS on the way home, at which point I was getting a weather headache and knew the sky was about to open.

Indeed, we got buckets of rain that trapped Adam and his girlfriend on the Beltway coming home from College Park and made Paul late at the food store where he was getting ingredients to make a Waterloo bicentennial dinner (Beef Wellington, of course, and Brussels sprouts, and Napoleons). The bunnies came out when the rain stopped, we had dinner, then we watched Guardians of the Galaxy because we were in the mood! A bit more Seattle Chihuly:

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