June 20th, 2015


Poem for Saturday, State of Flux, The Last Legion, Discovery Beach

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My Friday was mostly about Star Trek: Voyager. This is because on Thursday night, while rewatching "State of Flux" for a retro review, I discovered that there's an echo of a Very Very Important Janeway/Chakotay moment, which I had to squee about on Facebook, and then all my Trekkie friends appeared to squee too, and it was a really awesome afternoon though I am not sure my review will be coherent to anyone but us.

We had dinner with my parents, watched some baseball -- not a good day either local team -- then came home and watched The Last Legion, which remains as silly as ever, though it's always fun to see Colin Firth and Thomas Sangster together, plus Alexander Siddig, Aishwarya Rai, Ben Kingsley, and other good actors who give a lot of conviction to the goofy dialogue and ludicrous history.

The heat and humidity made my head very aware that a big storm will arrive soon, which may ruin our Saturday plans to go to Baltimore and see tall ships. Here are photos taken in gorgeous weather in Seattle when we went to Discovery Park, which has a sand beach and tidepools where we saw crabs, mussels, scallops, ducks, herons, seagulls, and lots of ships both big and small, plus a couple of volcanoes!

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