July 2nd, 2015

green little review

Greetings from Gettysburg

Quickie as we have had a very full day! After breakfast with most of Paul's family in the hotel and a drive through town, we went to Gettysburg National Battlefield on the anniversary of the first day of the battle. There were lots of people and some special events going on. We went to the museum, saw the movie and cyclorama, and had sandwiches in the picnic area.

Then we stopped for Slurpees and at the Utz factory before coming back to the hotel to crash for a while before we all had dinner at Chipotle. Several people wanted to shop before the mall closed, so we wound up in various stores. Paul's parents had everyone back to their house for sundaes and anniversary cake for us, plus admiration by all the grandchildren of the model trains!

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