July 3rd, 2015

little review

Greetings from DC

Just one photo, all of us in the US Capitol on a private tour set up by my sister-in-law Brooke's sister, who works for Senator Merkley of Oregon. This was an incredible experience -- the youngest cousins were melting down before we could visit the House and Senate chambers, so we will have to go back to do that another day, but we had two interns show us around the Senate office buildings and much of the Capitol (I think the younger members were most impressed by the private subway beneath the buildings, but I think the old Senate chamber and Apotheosis of Washington were my favorites).

We had a late lunch in the cafeteria beneath the Capitol, decided everyone was too fried for any museums, and drove to College Park, where we met Adam and went to dinner at Rasoi, a very good Indian restaurant we'd never tried before. Then we left the rest of the family at the hotel in College Park and I drove home with Adam. We have an insane few days coming up -- lots of family plans downtown while at the same time we have to get Daniel packed and his boxes shipped. We thought we were going to the beach with everyone for July 4th, but even that is up in the air!