July 5th, 2015

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Greetings from the Inner Harbor

Our plan for July 4th was to go to one of the Cheseapeake beaches, but it rained all morning and we had warnings both about traffic and about the fact that the beaches would be closed if there were crowds or thunderstorms, so instead we all decided to go to Baltimore. We had lunch in Harborplace at Noodles & Co. together, then my nieces and a visiting friend decided to go shopping while the rest of us went to the Maryland Science Center, along with the friend's husband and son plus my parents who came to meet us.

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Our original plan was to go to the College Park fireworks together after grabbing dinner somewhere, but we all got back to the hotel there at different times -- Paul's youngest brother lived in Baltimore for a while and wanted to show his children where, the nieces and younger nephews wanted to rest, and we ended up deciding to go out to dinner with my parents. But Blaze Pizza was closed for the holiday, and since we'd had a huge lunch, we came home, ate leftovers, and watched the whitest A Capitol Fourth ever!