July 13th, 2015

green little review

Greetings from Belltown

Pretty much my entire Sunday involved waiting for deliveries from Ikea and Macy's and building furniture from the former, most of which, at least, is now complete (table and chairs, desk, desk chair, dresser, nightstand, TV table, plus the bed and bedding from Macy's)> On Monday, in addition to getting all the new computer components and visiting the MVA for identity purposes, we have to put together the sleep sofa. We did take a break for a late lunch in Seattle Center, enjoying the gorgeous weather at an outdoor cafe in Komo Plaza, in the shadow of the Space Needle and in view of the Chihuly Museum. And I met a couple in Walgreens from Bath and Bristol, buying tacky souvenirs, visiting the US to bike through the scenic west, so that was fun! Here are a few pics from downtown and around Belltown:

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