August 6th, 2015

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Poem for Thursday, HP, Kittens

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I did a lot of eating out on Wednesday, which I'm sure my waistline did not need but it was really good. At lunchtime, my father took myself and Adam to Not Your Average Joe's, which is new to our area, where I had a very good three-cheese pistachio pizza and Adam had a fabulous goat cheese raspberry vinaigrette salad, plus we all shared molten chocolate cake. Then I met Karen for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen plus a bit of shopping at Charming Charlie (I didn't have pizza, I had kung pao spaghetti). Adam's girlfriend was also briefly here for a visit, so I had a very social day!

Paul is not going to Bangalore next week for work after all -- the decisions were made so late that he still doesn't have his passport back from the Indian embassy with the visa and he didn't have time to get hepatitis and other shots. Which disrupts younger son's and my cobbled-together beach plans, but makes most aspects of life much less complicated! We watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince along with Cheryl and caught up a bit with older son, who is learning a lot of things at Amazon. Here are a few more photos of Heather's adorable rescue kittens!

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