August 13th, 2015

get critical

Poem for Thursday and Maryland Elephants

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I'd forgotten that being sunburned makes me sleepy, even several days after the fact when I no longer feel like I have a fever in specific parts of my body. So I am still behind on everything and feeling lazy! I went out with Adam to get bagels, stopping at AC Moore for picture frames but their ads were completely misleading about what was on sale, so we came home only with lots of flavored cream cheese and a dozen bagels, plus son decided to make chocolate chip cookies when he realized we were out of brownies.

I had laundry to fold, so since Adam had not seen Chaplin, we watched it and I have to admit that even if it's not remotely feminist and can't even pass the Bechdel Test, I find it easier to watch than Mad Max: Fury Road. Then in the evening we all watched Green Lantern since we hadn't seen it since it was new...okay, it has not improved with time and I'd probably watch Fury Road again before that! Since I found out that it was World Elephant Day on Wednesday, here are the Maryland Zoo's elephant colony:

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