August 15th, 2015


Poem for Saturday, Initiations, Kung Fury, Brookside Butterflies

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Even though I spent all morning working on a review of Voyager's "Initiations", a lot of my Friday felt like a Saturday, in part because Paul worked from home so we were chatting on and off throughout the morning and in part because Adam was here until he went out running with a friend around lunchtime. In the afternoon, we all went to Kohl's together to take advantage of their sale and coupons while our state is having its tax-free shopping week before school starts.

We had dinner with my parents, and when we came home, Adam insisted that we should watch Kung Fury, the Swedish martial arts comedy about "Kung Fuhrer" Hitler versus dinosaurs, Thor, and I can't even explain this movie just go to YouTube and watch it! Then we watched an episode of Inspector Lewis and now we're half-watching the Seahawks-Broncos game. Here are some of the butterflies we saw the weekend before last at Wings of Fancy at Brookside Gardens:

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