August 19th, 2015

green little review

Poem for Wednesday, Wonder Boys, Fair Animals

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My Tuesday was not as eventful as my Monday -- no illusionists, no hatching chicks, no evading church members handing out pamphlets about how I'm going to Hell (like that's news to anyone who knows me). Instead I had work and laundry and a stop at the food store before taking Adam to an overnight movie marathon of the sort he and his friends have whenever they're all home.

We did not have a movie marathon but we did watch Wonder Boys after dinner (yes, of course because of RDJ and Tobey Maguire, see going to Hell above). Not remotely my favorite Chabon story, though I've always thought Chabon pretty much sucks when it comes to female characters, anyway. Here are some of the animals from the county fair yesterday, including a rescued owl and bees:

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