August 26th, 2015


Poem for Wednesday, Date Night, Barn Swallows

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Adam got up early to go on a kayaking trip in Colonial Beach with Christine, so I got up and did chores, and had a relatively unexciting day apart from four neighborhood bunnies and working on various projects. Plus I got a present in the mail that I'd ordered for a friend, decided that I wanted to keep it, and ordered another! And I got to see Adams high school girlfriend Maddy briefly when she stopped by to pick up her brother's canteen.

When Adam and Christine got back from kayaking and a reportedly late excellent lunch at a French Thai restaurant in Virginia, they decided they wanted to watch Date Night, so we watched with them (I'd only seen it once and had forgotten that Mark Ruffalo was in it). The Orioles are having such a terrible month that I won't even talk about what happened afterward! Some Brookside Gardens barn swallows plus barn swallow babies:

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