September 19th, 2015


Poem for Saturday and Rawlings Flowers

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Friday was a lovely day outside, though I had lots of work to do and didn't get out till the afternoon. I posted a review of Voyager's nearly-indefensible "Parturition" -- a couple of J/C moments can only go so far, now I remember why I couldn't stand Neelix for a long time -- and chatted briefly with Adam who was on a bus to Hack the North in Toronto. In the late afternoon we took a walk to see bunnies and enjoy the neighborhood as it was getting cooler.

We had dinner with my parents -- my mother made seafood and fake-seafood au gratin, Paul made apple pie with the apples we picked last weekend -- then came home and tried to watch Arthur and George but PBS was not cooperating. So we caught up on the Colbert we missed when football ran late on Thursday (Trevor), then we watched the new one (Lupita and Bernie). The Rawlings Conservatory in Baltimore has flowers inside all year, but these are from the spring!

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