September 20th, 2015


Placeholder for Sunday

I spent practically all of Saturday at the Bar Mitzvah of my friend Linda's youngest child -- service in the morning at the shul, luncheon following, then a couple of hours during which Paul and I got our free Talk Like A Pirate day Krispy Kreme donuts and watched the successful end of the Maryland game before the evening reception -- dinner, dessert, and dancing -- at a hotel by Washingtonian Lake.

I was sitting with my friends from high school and their spouses, and I got to see the people we see every year at my friend's Super Bowl party. It was lovely but bittersweet because I saw many people I've known for 40 years, Linda aunts and cousins, whom I have no idea now when I'll see again...maybe at one of her kids' weddings, but that could easily be a decade or more away. A few pics:

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