September 22nd, 2015

get critical

Poem for Tuesday, Flag Ponds, Monday TV

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You don't actually want to know what work I got done today, you want to know how my first week of the new television season went. I am pleased to report that it is going really well so far. We watched Minority Report, which was great in just about every way, not least of which is learning that in the future, the Redskins will finally have changed the team name! It ties in nicely with the movie without feeling like one has to remember every detail of the movie to enjoy it, it reminds me a bit of Almost Human, it has a good sense of humor (pot ads! mom scoping daughter's potential boyfriends!), and visually it's wonderful -- not dark like so many futuristic shows but like Blade Runner in bright daylight.

Blindspot, too, is nicely put together, though it's definitely darker with more emphasis on the violent scenes. Both shows have several complicated female characters with complicated relationships and both pass the Bechdel test in the first fifteen minutes; let's hope that keeps up! I like Jaimie Alexander and I had no idea Marianne Jean-Baptiste was on Blindspot so that is very welcome news. Parts of the first story are a bit predictable and you'd think the NYPD would own a helicopter in case of emergencies, but I like seeing so much real-world NY and DC, and it's so nice to have so many genre shows headed by women for a change. Some photos from Flag Ponds' beach on Sunday:

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