September 28th, 2015


Greetings from Woodland Park

Another glorious day in Seattle, scarcely a cloud in the sky -- we even saw Mount Rainier in the morning when we left the hotel -- lots of energy for the Seahawks game as we drove into town. We picked up Daniel and went to the Woodland Park Zoo, which we had last visited more than a decade ago while younger son was in the midst of his penguin enthusiasm -- the penguins are still there and also lion cubs, meerkats, Asian and North American otters, many snakes and lizards, orangutans and gorillas, bears, warthogs, and a terrific raptor show at which the most exciting animal was a guest! We went back to Daniel's apartment in the evening, watched some football, ordered Chinese food to celebrate the Autumn Moon Festival, and watched the lunar eclipse as the moon rose over Belltown!

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