October 5th, 2015


Poem for Monday and Museum-Going

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It did not rain on Sunday after the very early morning hours, but that doesn't mean we saw the sun -- it remained fully overcast all day. So after a morning reading the newspaper and getting things organized, we went with my parents to the Arlington Arts Center's Play exhibit, which I thought was really fun and my parents thought was mostly strange (see article). From there, we went to the Folger Shakespeare Library, which had an exhibit on legal history in Shakespeare's era. When we left, we stopped at the flea market at the Eastern Market, which was starting to close for the evening.

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Having had an early football morning watching the Jets play the Dolphins in London, we listened to football on the way to and from the museums -- miraculously, DC won, probably because we were at the market and couldn't hear or worry about the score. We ended up having dinner with my parents. Then we watched the Cowboys-Saints game around Madam Secretary, which had some fairly cracktastic elements but I am still so glad to have it back on the air, even if it means that Once Upon a Time gets relegated to being watched later in the week, Regina or no Regina.