October 6th, 2015

get critical

Poem for Tuesday, Princess Diaries, Just Like Heaven, Play

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There was a strange yellow glowing ball in the sky on Monday that seemed vaguely familiar, like something I'd once spotted a long time ago. I spent most of the day playing hooky with Cheryl -- trying on her Renfaire garb, eating Indian food, and watching Just Like Heaven (cute, well-acted, definitely not a progressive feminist storyline) and both Princess Diaries movies (ditto but shut up we were in romantic comedy moods and anyway Julie Andrews so your argument is invalid).

We did take a walk to enjoy the sun and see bunnies. It wasn't all that warm, but it felt good anyway. After dinner we watched this week's Minority Report, which I am really loving character-wise so I hope the ratings pick up, and Blindspot, which I like but don't adore (lots of violence and not sure the Big Background Conspiracy will be anything new or interesting). Some more photos from the Play: Tinker, Tech, & Toy exhibit at the Arlington Arts Center, including the crazy food rides and Marty Weishaar's crazy train:

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